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Specialist Debt Resolution Services TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES 

Specialist Debt Resolution Services  TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES 

Reventus has a vast amount of proven experience in achieving market-leading results to recover debts for Local Authority clients across England and Wales. Our team understands that resources across local services are already stretched, especially since the Coronavirus Pandemic and the cost of living crisis, and any debts which remain unpaid are putting these important services under increased pressure. 



We have developed a fair and ethical debt recovery process that has enabled us to recover council tax and non-domestic rate arrears, from current court and recycled accounts. This process applies to all debt types including parking fines, former tenant arrears, housing benefit overpayments and unpaid sundry debts. Reventus also provide a nationwide process serving offering to deliver legal documents directly to the individual or company they are intended for.  



COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis has heavily impacted Local Authorities and the way Enforcement Agents must deliver their services going forward, which is why during this time we have further developed our digital communication strategy and enhanced our data enrichment capability to reduce the need for door step visits. This will allow our customers to engage with us sooner, accelerate payments to clients at the Compliance Stage and reduce the burden of added fees, Click here to read more about our digital communication strategy. 

Traditional Methods OF ENFORCEMENT 

Traditional Methods OF ENFORCEMENT 

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have spent time rethinking the traditional methods of Enforcement and further redefining our processes for Local Authority debt collection. Our ethos has always been to protect the vulnerable and support them to get out of debt, and we have always focused heavily on improving our success rates to offer more value to our clients. 

A Fair and Ethical Approach TO DEBT RECOVERY 

A Fair and Ethical Approach TO DEBT RECOVERY 

We understand that no one asks to be in debt, which is why our Welfare Support Team was created in 2017 to support vulnerable customers and those with genuine difficulty in making payments. Our Welfare Team work with Debt Charities and develop relationships to enable them to give the highest support and ability to signpost to the most relevant service for our vulnerable customers. They also help them build a more stable financial future, by referring to free debt advice organisations. 



Untraceable debts are also unrecoverable debts. We have heavily invested in our unique eTrace® technology. This enables our experienced data analysts to perform extensive tracing services to locate debtors, regardless of the age of the debt. 

Early Identification of VULNERABLE CUSTOMERS 

Early Identification of VULNERABLE CUSTOMERS 

Our access to exempt data aids us in early identification of possible vulnerability, allowing us to segment customers into three categories:  
Those that can’t pay 
Those that are struggling to pay, but not prioritising the essential debts 
Those that won’t pay 
With this information we can adapt their treatment pathway, to engage sooner and support our customers better to find their way out of debt. 

Recycled DEBT 

Recycled DEBT 

In addition to current court work, we also specialise in the collection of accounts returned by other enforcement companies and we’ve collected millions of pounds from static ledgers. This recovered revenue allows our clients to reinvest in vital public services that benefit their local community. Our tracing service yielded an 83% success rate in just eight months for one of our clients, which doubled the 40% target set by them. We manage the full life cycle of each case, providing transparent reporting to our clients at every step of the way, keeping them fully informed at every stage of the revenue recovery process. 

Consistently High Success Rates AT NO COST TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES 

Consistently High Success Rates AT NO COST TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES 

Our consistently high success rates in recovering unpaid debt means we have built many established relationships with Local Authorities across England and Wales who trust Reventus to continually deliver market-leading results. Debt collection is a time-consuming and expensive process and many Local Authorities face budgetry constraints and simply do not have the resources or technology to invest in recovering unpaid debts.  
Our collection team will free up Local Authority staff to focus the provision of public services, whilst we undertake debt recovery on their behalf. We provide our clients with real-time access to intelligent reporting tools to keep them informed of our progress at case-level. 



From our headquarters in Hertfordshire we have successfully assisted Local Authorities across England and Wales who have entrusted us with the important task of recovering council tax and non-domestic rate arrears, unpaid parking fines, former tenant arrears, housing benefit overpayments and unpaid sundry debts. 
Call our team on 03301 221 221 (local rate) or contact us online to discuss your debt recovery options with our experts. 
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