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Civil Parking ENFORCEMENT 

Civil Parking ENFORCEMENT 

Local Authorities have a responsibility to ensure that motorists pay any Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued. If debts such as Penalty Charge Notices remain unpaid, it has a significant impact on revenue and puts additional pressure on over-stretched resource levels within local councils. 

Reach Your Revenue COLLECTION GOALS 

Reach Your Revenue COLLECTION GOALS 

Our customised approach allows us to work closely with you at an individual level to attain your objectives. We then develop a tailored Civil Parking Enforcement strategy designed to help you reach your revenue collection goals. Enforcing payment of overdue PCNs takes resource and time, something the majority of Local Authorities do not have enough of. Reventus take this burden away from you with our professional Civil Parking Enforcement service that recovers debt on your behalf, while treating customers in a fair and respectful manner. 

Speak to the Civil Parking ENFORCEMENT EXPERTS 

Speak to the Civil Parking ENFORCEMENT EXPERTS 

Reventus have helped Local Authorities throughout England and Wales to recover Civil Parking Enforcement debts. If you’d like to speak to our professional team to discover how we can collect the debts owed to you, then please contact us online or call 03301 221 221. 



Local Authorities passed just under 1.1 million unpaid PCNs to enforcement agencies during 2018/19 in an effort to recover debt from parking infringements. Reventus understand the challenges this causes our clients. We are a member of the British Parking Association, who are committed to improving parking standards across the UK. We have also heavily invested in the latest technologies and ANPR vehicles which provide up to date information and intelligent data to help us recover debts for the many Local Authorities we partner with. With over 39 million cars on our nation’s roads, our systems undertake checks including DVLA Registered Keeper and HPI Verification checks quickly to identify repeat offenders or establish a customer’s ability to pay their debt. This intelligent, data-driven approach has been proven to maximise front-end income for the Local Authorities we serve. Drivers are required by law to let the DVLA know if they change their name or address. 
If a driver fails to notify the DVLA of changes they could face a fine of up to £1000. Often difficulties occur when people unintentionally or deliberately move address without informing the DVLA. These hard-to-find debtors frequently cause much needed revenues to be written off because the costs associated with tracing them are mostly too great in terms of both resource and time for Local Authorities. This is where eTrace® helps maximise the chance of securing payment. Launched in 2016, eTrace® has rapidly created an unrivalled record for collecting monies due from PCNs returned by other enforcement agents as gone away. eTrace® was created specifically to provide Local Authorities with a no cost solution to recovering the millions of pounds from outstanding PCNs. 
I'd just like to reiterate how professionally I think you have handled this. You went above and beyond to help me out, you were very helpful, kind and understanding of my situation. You didn't necessarily have to chase it up with the Local Authority on my behalf, but you did off your own back anyway, so thank you for that! 
Having dealt with Reventus initially and now another Enforcement company, regarding exactly the same issue, the difference in customer service was night and day. If I am ever stupid enough to drive in a bus lane again, I really hope it is you guys who hunt me down to make me pay for my sins. 

A Fair and Ethical Approach to CIVIL PARKING ENFORCEMENT 

A Fair and Ethical Approach to CIVIL PARKING ENFORCEMENT 

We proactively engage with our customers offering a range of ways to pay to make the process as convenient as possible. COVID-19 has increased the levels of personal debt, making it increasingly difficult for some Local Authority customers to be able to pay.  
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