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As a progressive company, we constantly seek fresh innovative methods, processes and solutions that will maximise revenue and provide better outcomes for our clients, streamline our operations and, wherever possible, have a positive impact on the environment and social values. 
Anthony Quinn, 2023 
2022 was been a significant year for new innovation at Reventus, which saw the launch of new additions to our existing services. We have, of course, several existing innovations, from which our clients are already benefiting. These are summarised below and form part of our innovation’s roadmap. 


In keeping with our drive to be best in class for customer handling, we are soon to launch a Customer Feedback page on our website. This page will be available to customers with whom we are engaged, who will be invited to give feedback via an SMS containing a hyperlink to the feedback form hosted on our website. We will not ask for any personal information, save for the customer’s case ID. All responses will be converted to emails and arrive in a dedicated Feedback inbox. 
BENEFIT - Demonstrating our focus on best practice in customer care also reflects on our clients as competent and compassionate local authorities. 


Reventus introduced an automated SMS messaging service during 2019, hosted by CIVICA on their Collect platform. Messages are automatically sent to customers’ mobile phones at the time of certain events, such as payment reminders two days before their due date, notifications that payment arrangements have broken, and also a warning before further action. 
BENEFIT - This automated function has proved hugely successful, in that more payments are now received on time. Our ‘Broken Arrangement’ SMS has proved particularly effective in re-engaging customers and achieving successful reactivation of their arrangements. 


We utilise industry platforms providing us with a multi-faceted approach to target relevant groups of customers, on a campaign by campaign basis, where we wish to contact them but perhaps are not currently engaged. It provides us with a three-pronged approach – automated outbound telephone/voicemail, SMS and email. Outbound calls and voicemails use pre-recorded client specific content. Functionality also allows us to send personalised web forms, with a similar click-through process as an SMS. Three-way campaigns allow a mix and match of the actions available and integrate seamlessly into our processes. For example, we may run a campaign using any combination of the three options or could, choose to perform an email only campaign. 
BENEFIT - Multi-channel engagement campaigns maximise re-engagement rates with harder to reach customers. 


As above but using a desktop application that allows us to connect customers on an ad hoc basis and thus provides real time interaction with customers. 
BENEFIT - Instant messaging allows real time contact and enables continuity in engagement 


We offer both inbound and outbound WhatsApp messaging providing a simpler and acceptable method of instant communication. 
BENEFIT - Instant messaging allows real time contact, two-way interaction and a simple immediate method of document sharing 
Reventus has a strong track record of implementing innovation that provides benefit to clients and customers alike. Being at the forefront of innovation and best practice gives us a competitive advantage in improved trace and collection rates which delivers realisable financial and performance benefits to our clients. In addition to the developments note above, we will deliver a rolling programme of further innovation. 
To discuss how our new approach to debt collection can benefit your Local Authority, please contact our team. 
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