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Any County Court Judgement (CCJ) that amounts to more than £600 and is less than 6 years old, could be enforced in the High Court. By authorising Reventus to transfer your case to High Court Enforcement, you are permitting us to instruct a certificated Enforcement Agent supervised by a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) to execute a High Court Writ. Once this has been authorised the HCEO will be able to remove goods to help you recoup the debt you are owed. 
Should the HCEO be unable to collect payment in full (inclusive of any interest and fees), you could allow the debtor to enter into a repayment agreement. At this point, a Controlled Goods Agreement is implemented until the outstanding debt has been settled. 


Transferring your CCJ up to the High Courts is easy and inexpensive. It costs £66 to transfer the case with an additional compliance fee of £75+VAT. Although these fees are payable at the point of instruction, they will be recovered from the debtor during the enforcement process. These fees are non-refundable. 
Reventus works in partnerships with leading High Court Enforcement specialists, Quality Bailiffs who have three authorised HCEOs. Their team offer help with transferring up to the High Court, and their instruction process is seamless and user friendly. 


Once the HCEO has obtained a High Court Writ of Control, they will issue a Notice of Enforcement to the debtor. The debtor will then have 14 days to contact the office to pay the outstanding balance. If the balance remains unpaid, the notice is ignored, or an appropriate agreement has not been reached within the 14 days, the case will be passed to an Enforcement Agent for collection. 
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