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Reventus treat complaints very seriously; therefore we investigate them thoroughly and promptly. This ensures the correct outcome and prevents a relatively minor complaint from becoming a serious one. 
We have a three stage process, mirroring that of most local authorities, whereby if the complainant is dissatisfied with the result of the investigation into their complaint, the complaint will be passed to a Company Director for resolution, and ultimately referred to the Local Authority complaints procedure which operates under the independent jurisdiction of the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO). 
Reventus recognise our customers have the right to be treated professionally and with respect. Our training, monitoring and quality assurance processes are designed to ensure best practice at all times. 
In the event that a customer is not satisfied with the level of service provided, we will ensure we work with them to resolve their issue in a timely and unbiased manner. 
How to make a complaint 
Complaints must be submitted in writing to allow us to respond fully to your query. Please submit either via mail to our office address or via email to [email protected] 
What to expect from us 
Upon receipt, the complaint will be registered and a written acknowledgment of receipt issued within 2 working days. 
Stage 1 
If we are unable to resolve the matter immediately, our acknowledgement letter will provide a timeframe for completion. It may be that we will require some further information from you to enable us to investigate the matter. When we have completed our investigations, we will send a final written response and decision. We aim to reply within 10 days of your complaint. 
Stage 2 
If you feel our response has not addressed your concerns you can request a management review of the decision. We will acknowledge your request of a review within 2 working days and provide a timeframe for our process. Management will review the matter to ensure that actions taken were correct, compliance adhered to and that your concerns have been addressed. We will aim to reply within 10 days of your review request. 
Stage 3 
If the matter remains unresolved after completion of the above process, the complaint may be referred to the Local Authority complaints procedure which operates under the independent jurisdiction of the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO). 
Any complaint referred to the Local Authority complaints procedure must first have been through the above complaint and review processes. 
Recording and Monitoring of Complaints 
Once a complaint has been dealt with, the notes and correspondence filed in and a note placed on the account file. 
Each complaint is assessed and a central record is made to identify whether the complaint was founded or not and what corrective action was required: 
Complaint not founded – No Action 
Complaint founded – Change of procedures or Training needed 
Complaint founded – Serious breach and disciplinary action taken 
Review of Complaints 
All complaints are reviewed and audited to ensure that our policy and procedure have been followed and that we have learnt any lessons, and taken appropriate action, concerning the reason that caused the complaint. We will also explain on our website, on how we use customer feedback to improve our services. 
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