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Reventus have been at the forefront of collection following the Welfare Reform. The Council Tax Reduction Scheme was designed by Government to provide financial assistance to families and individuals on a low income. Claimants on the scheme receive notification from their Local Authority to show the level of reduction they have been afforded to help them through difficult financial times. These reductions in council tax are designed to ease financial burdens, but if the funds remain unpaid, then local authorities face deficits, which put already overstretched public services at risk.  

Fair And Ethical  DEBT RECOVERY 

Fair And Ethical DEBT RECOVERY 

Customers on the Council Tax Reduction Scheme are often among the most vulnerable in society, and at Reventus we pride ourselves on a fair and ethical approach to those who face genuine difficulty in paying. Debt can be stressful and daunting, so our team work quickly to gather information on employment or benefit payment and contact the customer pre-enforcement to identify those who are able to pay their arrears and those who can’t. With the additional exempt data information our eTrace® system provides, we segment our customers into three categories according to their ability to repay. Our Welfare Team can offer them the support they need to help them recover from debt, obtain all the important benefits that they are entitled to and signpost them to free debt charities that can help them further and assist them on the road to a more secure financial future. 

Consistently High Success Rates FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES 

Consistently High Success Rates FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES 

Our consistently high success rate in recovering council tax reduction scheme debt means we have built established relationships with Local Authorities across England and Wales who trust Reventus to continually deliver market-leading results. At Reventus we also focus on engaging with customers at the earliest opportunity, and during the Coronavirus pandemic, we have enhanced our digital communication technology. This allows us to engage easily with customers, using technology they are currently using. We ensure that engagement is made as easy as possible, which increases the chances of recovering Local Authority debt.  
Working with Local Authorities, we provide regular and transparent reporting to detail a clear assessment of the debt recovery work we are undertaking. This approach means our client always has a clear picture of the payments we are recovering to help plan public funds more efficiently. Our ethos is simple. We strive to work with both clients and customers to obtain full payment. We understand that recovering debt is a time consuming and costly process, yet one of vital importance to keep public services funded and running effectively. 
We are also aware that many of our customers have challenging financial situations and we can direct them to the correct sources to help manage their debt in these often daunting situations. This client and customer-centric approach allows us to remain adaptable and professional and give market leading results, which is why we proudly work with Local Authorities throughout England and Wales, from our Hertfordshire based headquarters. For more information on our council tax reduction scheme collection services, contact us online or call the team on 03301 221 221. 
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