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A Fair, Ethical and Supportive Approach TO DEBT RECOVERY 

A Fair, Ethical and Supportive Approach TO DEBT RECOVERY 

The Reventus Welfare Team has been providing additional support to our customers since 2017. 
We understand that owing money or having debt can be very daunting. After all no one asks to have financially difficult circumstances, and there are often other issues in your customer’s lives that have contributed to the situation they find themselves in. 
Therefore, we formed our Welfare Team who are specifically trained in offering ethical advice and assistance to any customer who is vulnerable, or who we feel would benefit from a different approach to their debt. 
I just wanted to say thank you to you for your support. I was very upset when I called, you dealt with my concerns calmly, you reassured me and you took time to listen. 
Also you went out of your way to phone the local authority to try to help me and rang me back as promised which restored my faith in people. 
Great customer service, at a time when life isn’t easy for anyone. Keep up the great work, I’m sure people do appreciate it. 
Best wishes 

Need Extra Assistance?  OUR WELFARE TEAM CAN HELP 

Need Extra Assistance? OUR WELFARE TEAM CAN HELP 

Reventus understand the importance of supporting all of our customers. If you are identified as a customer who could potentially benefit from some extra assistance, your details will be passed to our Welfare Team who will contact you to arrange a consultation, so our team can fully understand the financial challenges you are currently facing. 
Our Welfare Team will talk with you in a respectful and non-judgmental manner and encourage you to discuss any financial difficulties that are making it harder to cope with your debts. 
By opening a clear and honest communication channel with our Welfare Team, we can work with you to develop a regular repayment plan that is affordable and allows you to clear your outstanding debt without the need for enforcement. 
We will also provide details of reputable debt advisory services who will help you to work towards a debt-free and more stable financial future. 

Working Together to Achieve AN AFFORDABLE AGREEMENT 

Working Together to Achieve AN AFFORDABLE AGREEMENT 

It’s vitally important to work with our team if you feel you are in a vulnerable situation or have genuine difficulties in paying off any outstanding debts. 
The aim of Reventus’ Welfare Team is to agree a realistic and affordable repayment schedule with you that can be maintained until the debt is cleared. 
We can also check whether you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to and if not, advise which additional benefits you can claim. 
To make this easier for you, we have an online benefits calculator, which can be completed online and will then be forwarded to us, so we can then support you to claim for any additional benefit entitlements. 
Please click on the link below 
This morning I received a letter from yourselves re:- debt arrears & being honest I felt as though I was going to lose everything, my rented flat, good character & all I owned. looking at my debt & what I could afford, I filled in a very easy on-line payment plan. I was really worried by this as it was just too easy & I thought it couldn't be that straight forward. Because of my concerns I called & spoke with a very helpful & friendly speaking agent & I was assured that everything was up-and-running. I appreciate that this is a problem I created but a massive thank-you to the staff & simple resolution tool you at Reventus have in place & for speaking to me as a person in the manner you did & not just someone you need answers from. 
Thanks again. 


We have formed a partnership with Debt Free Advice, who support individuals and families who are struggling with debt. They offer free advice and support for all types of debt, they can work with you to prioritise your bills & debts, helping you to write letters and advocating on your behalf. 
You can call Debt Free Advice on 0800 808 5697 or visit their website 

Money And Pensions Service MONEY ADVISER NETWORK 

Money And Pensions Service  MONEY ADVISER NETWORK 

At Reventus we are committed to helping our customers to get out of debt, which is why we have partnered with Money and Pensions Service to give a wider support network for our Customers, who are experiencing money worries. 
The Money Adviser Network offer free independent, impartial and regulated free debt advice, either online or over the phone, with either an immediate call back or a scheduled call back. 
If you would like support with your debts and would like to speak to The Money Adviser Network, please click on the button below. 
The Money Adviser Network are also able to support you if you are not yet in debt but are worried about your finances, they have a Money Navigator Tool that after answering a few questions, will give you tailored guidance on your current circumstances. 
Please click on the button below to use the Money Navigator Tool. 

Speak to our Welfare Team IN CONFIDENCE 

Speak to our Welfare Team IN CONFIDENCE 

Remember, our Welfare Team are here to understand your situation and offer ethical support and an affordable payment plan to help you clear your debts. We encourage you to be totally open and honest with us about your financial difficulties without fear of being judged and in the knowledge that we treat your information confidentially. 
If our Welfare Team contact you, you can be assured, we will do our utmost to help, all we ask is that you help us to help you. 
If there is anything you feel we should be aware of concerning your payments or if you need additional assistance to cope with your debt, then please contact our Welfare Team online or call 0203 026 9186. 
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