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The Coronavirus Pandemic & SUNDRY DEBT COLLECTION 

The Coronavirus Pandemic & SUNDRY DEBT COLLECTION 

Sundry debts, such as housing benefit overpayments, can have a significant negative impact on Local Authority budgets. Many claimants are still receiving housing benefit during the changeover period to Universal Credit and there are many outstanding overpaid housing benefit payments to collect. The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a huge impact on Local Authorities abilities to collect Sundry Debt, which is why, we have spent this time redefining our offering, and have transformed our early engagement digital capabilities. With a strong conviction in investment into our customer base, in close collaboration with our partners, every part of the Reventus recovery process is now intelligent data driven. 
To read more about our new approach to debt collection for Local Authorities, please click here. 

Full Recovery Service FOR SUNDRY DEBTS 

Full Recovery Service FOR SUNDRY DEBTS 

Reventus provide a fully managed service designed to recover sundry debts on behalf of our clients. Using our eTrace® technology our skilled analysts, have a success rate of over 80% of cases in tracing customers, helping Local Authorities to maximise their income collection from Sundry Debts. Our professional team will work to recover unpaid invoices in all scenarios including waste collection services, leases or licenses and other sundry debt types.  

Fair and Ethical Sundry Debt COLLECTION METHODS 

Fair and Ethical Sundry Debt COLLECTION METHODS 

There are many reasons that our customers find themselves in financial difficulties, and our team undergo regular training to ensure we engage with our customers in a respectful and courteous manner. With the exempt data benefits of our eTrace® system, we can segment our Local Authority customers into three categories, thus allowing us to then adapt their collection pathway. 
Those that can’t pay 
Those that are struggling to pay, but not prioritising the essential debts 
Those that won’t pay 
For those that can’t pay, or those that are vulnerable, our Welfare Team will support and signpost the clients to reputable free debt advice services to help them build a better financial future.  
For those that are struggling to pay, but not prioritising their debts, our revenue collection team work closely with our Welfare Team to understand individual circumstances and help customers prioritise debts to better manage them. Our fair and ethical approach in helping our customers to manage their debts has proven to increase the recovery rates of Sundry Debt collection for our clients. 

A Tailored Service for CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS 

A Tailored Service for CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS 

Our clients all have different debt collection requirements and objectives, so Reventus tailor their services to meet the individual needs. Our Sundry Debt collection service has been adapted since COVID-19, with the emphasis on digital engagement and we have heavily invested in bespoke digital communication software that allows us to engage with our customers in methods that are more effective and reducing the need for a physical visit. 
Our customers are offered a variety of payment options to make clearing their debt more achievable. We work with customers to manage a realistic payment plan and keep in regular contact with them. We believe communication and trust are key elements for successful debt recovery and we actively encourage our customers to inform us of any changes in their circumstances that could affect their tailored payment plan. 

Speak to Reventus to Recover SUNDRY DEBT ARREARS 

Speak to Reventus to Recover SUNDRY DEBT ARREARS 

Recovering Sundry Debt is a time consuming and costly process for Local Authorities, but one of high importance to keep public services funded and running effectively. Our adaptable and professional approach has made Reventus the Enforcement Agency of choice for Local Authorities throughout England and Wales, from our Hertfordshire based headquarters. For more information on our Sundry Debt collection and recovery services, contact us online or call the team on 03301 221 221. 
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