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Our ethos at Reventus has always been that the more we can support our customers, that are vulnerable or unable to pay, then the more likely they will be to engage with us. 
We actively try to support our customers to manage their debt more effectively to allow them to become debt free, because no-one wants to be in debt, for most people it isn’t a choice, it is a unfortunate situation that they find themselves in. 
Which is why we formed our Welfare Team in 2017, our dedicated team who are specifically trained in offering ethical advice and assistance to any customer who is vulnerable, or who we feel would benefit from a different approach to their debt. 
It is more important than ever to support those who have fallen into debt. 
The Pandemic has left the UK with significant debt and mental health problems that are not easily resolved. Local Authorities need to collect arrears but are mindful of adding to the burden of those in debt. So, the Government has legislated a bold and compassionate initiative. 
From May 4th 2021, the ‘Breathing Space Moratorium’ and ‘Mental Health Crisis Moratorium’ will help debtors get the assistance they need, without pushing them further into debt. 
These regulations will give eligible people access to a 60-day period in which interest, charges and fees are frozen and enforcement action is paused. People receiving mental health crisis treatment may have access to the moratorium for the duration of their crisis treatment. 
Here at Reventus, we welcome any legislation that positively impacts our clients and their debtors. This will help our clients adjust their collection strategies to best support the struggling families and individuals within their constituencies. 



Tracey started in the Revenue recovery industry in 2004 within local government, previous to that she worked with the private sector and quickly realised that it was not a one scenario fits all, that everyone is different and have different circumstances and needs. She found herself helping more and more people individually, she left Local Government and worked for a large enforcement company and found the same issues, all charge payers were treated the same and this she again didn’t agree with. 
Tracey set up her own company and successfully changed how enforcement was dealt with and as such soon increased her client base through word of mouth for being different in how her customers were treated. Coming to Reventus she has brought all that knowledge and experience with her and will genuinely go out of her way to do what she can to help and have a team at her side that are willing to do the same. 

Segmenting CUSTOMERS 

Segmenting CUSTOMERS 

The benefits of eTrace® with enhanced data is that before we even contact a customer, we have a good picture of their financial situation. We can segment our customers into three categories 
Those that can pay and won’t pay 
Those that are paying off their debt but not prioritising the debt that they are reducing 
Those that cannot pay 
The customers that fall into both segments 2 and 3 are passed to our Welfare Team, where we will review all our collated information before contacting customers to try and engage early with us. 



Early engagement with our customers allows our team to sooner ensure that our customers are receiving all the benefits that they are entitled to and signpost them to relevant debt advice organisations that are also able to help and support them. 
We have partnered with Policy in Practice to be able to provide our customer with a benefits calculator, which they can access from our website and complete in the privacy of their home. Discussing debt is difficult for anyone, which is why we want to make the process as easy as possible for them. This will help us quickly ascertain if they are receiving all the benefits that they are entitled to. 


For our London customers, we have also formed a partnership with Debt Free London, who offer free face to face support to London residents 
Click here to read more about our partnership with Debt Free London 


Our team have also been trained in recognising signs of vulnerability within our customers and ensure that they are given even further support. 
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