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A Qualified & Professional COLLECTION TEAM 

A Qualified & Professional COLLECTION TEAM 

We are proud of the outstanding results we have achieved, thanks to the dedication of our experienced staff who take every opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. Our team are our greatest asset and understand the importance of operating in a fair and ethical manner, to give our clients peace of mind that customers are treated with courtesy and respect. 

Contact the Local Authority DEBT RESOLUTION SPECIALISTS  

Contact the Local Authority DEBT RESOLUTION SPECIALISTS 

Collecting Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rate debts is both costly and time-consuming for Local Authorities, as they simply don’t have the resources to manage this issue. Reventus work with you to develop practical and effective solutions to settle debts and maximise your revenues. To discover how Reventus can help Local Authorities across England and Wales to recover unpaid council tax and non-domestic rates, please contact our team. 
Income generated through council tax is crucial in maintaining local services such as waste collections, fire services, policing and helping the most vulnerable in our society, and council tax funds which are not collected risk putting these services under further pressure. Local Government revenue has been severely impacted by COVID-19, and we have spent time transforming our digital capabilities to enhance early customer engagement and improve revenue recovery for our clients. With a strong conviction in data investment into our customer base in close collaboration with our partners, every part of the recovery process is now intelligently data driven. 
To read more about our new approach to debt collection for Local Authorities, please click here. 

A Fair and Ethical Approach to RECOVERING COUNCIL TAX DEBT 

A Fair and Ethical Approach to RECOVERING COUNCIL TAX DEBT 

We have vast experience in helping our clients recover unpaid council taxes, and our service is undertaken with an ethical attitude towards collecting the funds. Our team will assess each case to determine the customer’s ability to pay, and our collaborative approach allows us to work with each individual to achieve a settlement as soon as possible. There is a vast difference between those who ‘can’t pay’ and those who ‘won’t pay’. Over 150 years’ of debt sector expertise in liaising with customers on our client’s behalf means that we’re able to identify those in genuine difficulty and offer additional support to those customers. 
With the exempt data benefits of our eTrace® system, we are able to segment our Local Authority customers into three categories, thus allowing us to then adapt their treatment pathway. We appreciate that receiving a communication from a debt enforcement agency can be quite daunting, so we pledge to treat all customers with respect so that those who are in financial difficulty feel supported and not overwhelmed. We have heavily invested in our digital communication technology, to ensure early communication channels are open to allow improved engagement. 

Proven Council Tax RECOVERY METHODS 

Proven Council Tax RECOVERY METHODS 

Local Authority clients continually choose Reventus as we have higher success rates in comparison to our competitors. Our eTrace® technology and tracing department have an 80% success rate is tracing customers, which is especially beneficial for Local Authorities that have a highly transient population. We partner with Local Authorities throughout England and Wales and have built excellent working relationships with all our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. 



Reventus are aware that Non-Domestic Rate Collection can be one of the hardest debts to collect as there can be many reasons why a business owner is unable to pay their debt, and the difficulty is often tracing them, as opposed to collecting the debt. With our eTrace® technology and our tracing team’s experience, we can trace 80% of Non-Domestic Rate debt, giving us a higher collection success rate. 



Our business rates collection service will quickly ascertain each businesses ability to make payment and work with each customer to tailor a plan that is designed to recover our client’s unpaid funds. As with our Council Tax collections, the eTrace® results along with the enhanced data allows us to segment the Non-Domestic Rates customers to ensure that the correct recovery journey is followed. We aim to make it easy for customers who owe non-domestic rates to liaise with us, as our experience has proven that if a customer feels at ease, it will vastly increase the chances of successfully recovering the debt. 
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