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Reventus are pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS). 
Supporting our vulnerable customers is important to us at Reventus and understanding the full picture of a customer prior to contact allows us to tailor their pathway to help support them. 
We have partnered with VRS as we can see the benefits this will bring to our vulnerable customers. VRS allows the financially vulnerable to self-refer themselves to their register. Once referred any organisation that is a member can access details provided to VRS by their customer. 
By registering with VRS it also shows that the customer wants to try and get out of debt. When they register with VRS, they have two options, one is to have a flag shown against their name, so creditors are aware. The second option is that they can opt to be pre-declined for financial service applications, to stop them getting further into debt. 
They are also able to remove themselves from the register any time after 3 months and once removed there will be no evidence that they were ever registered. 
The benefit to our customers of referring themselves to VRS or if they have already registered, is that it negates the need to go through their situation again, as all the details will be recorded with VRS. It is hard enough being vulnerable and in debt, without having to explain to all their Creditors the reasons why they have found themselves in this situation. 
By having a clear picture of a customer’s situation, we can tailor our correspondence to them accordingly, which aids with early engagement. 
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