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Helping vulnerable people requires us to forge important partnerships 
StepChange provide the UK’s most comprehensive debt advice service. They help people with debt problems take back control of their finances and their lives. As you can imagine, at the moment, their task is no triviality. Since the onset pf the pandemic, debt has risen significantly in the UK. 
In 2019 alone, StepChange helped over 635,000 with their debt problems, guiding them on the path to becoming debt free. 
This is why we jumped at the chance to work with them. By identifying vulnerablity we know that StepChange will be able to provide valuable resources. 
To help customers get the help they need, Reventus and StepChange have identified a three step process. 
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Identify a need for StepChange 

First step to helping families that are in need of assistance is to identify them. There are always warning signs. For instance, a family that reverted to using credit for everyday usage might need help. Similarly, if they are defaulting on priority debts, such as their rent or council tax. 
Should we identify a need, we will then prepare them for the debt advice process. 

Prepare: introduce them to StepChange 

Reventus can begin to introduce the charity by providing them key resources and information. By introducing them to StepChange, we can ready them for the debt advice process. 
We will properly explain the charity's process, and how they will provide ongoing support. Once this has been achieved we will then refer them to StepChange. 

Referral to the charity 

By providing us with an easy online form, StepChange have provided us with an easy-to-use resource that will help us open the conversation between the charity and the vulnerable parties. As well as providing everything necessary to the StepChange advisors, we will also make sure that the customers have every possible avenue of communication open to them. We will provide all the contact information and details so that they begin the unburdening journey of debt management. 
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