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We have signed up for North London Hospice 50 for 50 in 2020, where they are asking 50 business to raise £1000 each to help support them. 
North London Hospice provide free of charge, end of life care to over 3000 people each year, this costs £13,000,000 for them to run these services each year, and only 40% comes from the NHS. That is a big shortfall which is why they need fundraising support. 
We have different fundraising events planned and will keep you updated. 


Raised £150 see our Winter Community Update for details 


Raised £115, see our Winter Community Update for details. 
We have set up a Just Giving page, if you would like to donate, please click on the link below. 

5th February - Quiz Night 

We held a Quiz night for the Reventus team and a great time was had by all and congratulations to The Pringles team for winning. All participants donated to our Just Giving page, Anthony Quinn also reached out to some of his contacts and we managed to smash our £1000 target and we have raised £1235
Due to the success, we are now aiming to raise £5000 this year for North London Hospice. 
We also posted on our LinkedIn page to celebrate surpassing our target and managed to raise a further £110, taking us to £1345 raised. 

Bonus Ball Lottery 

We have introduced a monthly bonus ball lottery, which is due to start in Februray and will be drawn on the last Saturday of each month. 
Numbers are from 1 - 59 and the winning number will be taken from the bonus ball in the draw on TV. 
Each month, half of the monies raised will be given to the winner and the other half will be added to our Just Giving account for the North London Hospice. 
The cost is just £2 a month, if there isn't a winner, the monies will roll over to the following month. 
Monthly Winners 
Saturday 27th February - Bonus Ball No. 20, Well done Jamie M 
Saturday 27th March - Bonus Ball No 29, well done to Vanessa 
Saturday 24th April - Bonus Ball No. 01, well done to Amber Morgan 
Saturday 29th May - Bonus Ball No. 44, well done to Shirley 
Saturday 26th June- Bonus Ball No. 19, well done to Darren Rose 
Saturday 31st July - Bonus Ball No. 48, well done to Gareth Haggerty 
Saturday 25th September - Bonus Ball No. 53, well done to David Mason 
Saturday 30th October - Bonus Ball No. 17, Well done to Tracey Stone 
Saturday 27th November - Bonus Ball No. 9, Well done to Vicky G 
We have other activities planned, throughout the year and will keep this page updated. 
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