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Experian have released a free Boost service that is aimed at helping people increase their credit score by taking into account subscription payments, Council Tax payments and payments into savings and investments. 
Credit scores usually account for payments on loans, credit cards and utility bills but does not take into account payments for subscription services or Council Tax. 
The new free Boost service from Experian, will look for strong payment history by linking your bank transactions to your free Experian account. Once you connect your bank account via a secure connection, Experian can use data going back up to 12 months to calculate whether you qualify for a Boost of up to 66 points. Any Boost will automatically be added to your credit score. 
Obtaining credit can be difficult if you don’t have a credit history, even if you pay all subscription payments, council tax payments on time and save money regularly. The Boost service from Experian could really benefit people, by also taking these additional payments into account. 

But what happens if the information they find isn’t positive, will this reduce my credit score? 

No, if Experian don’t find information that will help to boost your credit score, they will disregard it. 
What this means is that even if your currently struggling to pay all your bills, and do not currently qualify for a Boost, if you keep your account connected and are working to get out of debt, you may qualify for a boost at the next review. Experian will review your credit score every 30 days if you log in. 
If you would like more information about Experian Boost or to register please follow the links below 
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