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Local governments are planning to increase their council tax payments this year by an average of 5%. This, as expected, will hit the vulnerable harder than most. However, if you are worried about being able to afford your council tax, there is a link you can follow to see whether you may qualify for a council tax discount. 
The support you can receive is dependent on your circumstances and where you live, as each council decides what help to offer those in its area. 
There are factors determining your discount such as how many dependants you have, and whether or not you receive any benefits. 
All you need to do is enter your postcode, and it will take you to the relevant area of your Local Authority’s website. From here you will be able to check with the relevant council if you are eligible for a council tax discount. 
You will need to let the council know how many people are residing at your address and discuss with them your benefits and income. 
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